Wandercast Ep.1 Feedback Form – please fill me in 🙂


Thank you for opening the door to the Wonderful World of Wandercast; you are in for a treat and no mistake.


My name’s LudicrousPilgrim and I’ve devised the Wandercast podcast series to draw people together to unearth a little playfulness in everyday life. This is not to seek the “life changing events” that occur with remarkable regularity on talk shows, game shows, and reality TV. This is to tweak the way that we perceive and interact with the world; to see and feel the potential for things, places, and people to offer more than the normal, functional ways that we tend to interact with them.


Although, there really won’t be anything much in the way of hot, hot, playful action this time. This episode is an introduction to get you into the spirit of Wandercast and to get a feel for what it’s about. It’s a chance for you to get to know me and to start to perceive your environment in a way that normally, as you zip from A to B, you might not. It’s a chance to see how the sounds of where I am interact with your experience of where you are. (If you can’t wait to get going with the playful action, you might want to begin with Ep.2)


N.B.  Please download this podcast onto a mobile device and listen to it whilst wandering – it’s the only way 🙂

(If you’re on my website and can’t see the “Download Audio” button, click on the title of the post and it will appear beneath the player)


Be on the lookout for detail and remember: playfulness won’t happen unless you want it to happen.

So put on a pair of comfy shoes, open the door, open your mind, and take the first step on the path to playfulness.

And please, please, please make sure you let me know how it goes by filling in the feedback!


Wandercast Ep.1 Feedback Form – please fill me in 🙂