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Welcome to the download page for The Moral Activist Wandercast

I do hope you enjoy engaging with the Whitby-based escapades of Francis Haydn Williams in the locations in which they took place.

The tour takes an hour and twenty minutes.  It’s split into three sections, so you can do it a bit at a time if you like.

The start point of the tour is the pedestrian area at the bottom end of Flowergate in Whitby YO21 3BS (where the little tree is by the Sutcliffe Gallery).

I strongly recommend downloading the audio files to your mobile device, as streaming can prove unreliable – I’d hate for you to get cut off in the middle of Haydn Williams’ activist business. The device does not have to be smartphone, anything small, portable, and capable of playing MP3s will do just fine 🙂

To download the audio:

iPhone users – search for ‘ludicrouspilgrim’ in ‘Podcasts’ on iTunes, then you should be able to download the three Parts of The Moral Activist from my feed and listen to them offline.

If you’re reading this on an Android phone, press the line of three vertical dots to the right-hand-side of each audio file and select ‘Download Audio’.  Once it’s downloaded, you should find each audio file in the ‘Downloads’ section of your phone’s default audio/music player – for example, Google Play Music on many Android phones.  (In Google Play Music, you should find the ‘Downloads’ folder under the ‘Albums’ tab.)

If you’re reading this on a laptop/desktop, right-click on each audio file and select ‘Save Audio As’.  Once it’s downloaded, you should find each audio file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.  You can then transfer the audio files to your mobile device.

[This Work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence – Contact the Author to discuss any potential engagement with this Work that may in any way exceed the terms of this Licence]

Haydn Williams, the Baccy Chap, says: Have fun!

This project would not have been possible without the help and support of some very special people.  A huge thank you to:

My Silent Assistant and the Not-So-Silent Fellow

Margaret Kirk and the Flowergate Old Chapel Congregation

Sandra Smith and the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution to this project of the work by the following researchers:

David Fox

Kate & Paddy

Alan Appleton

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