Wandercast Ep.2 Feedback Questionnaire – Please Fill Me In 🙂


If you’re a returning Wanderer, welcome back. If this is your first Wandercast, I’m so glad you’ve swung by. Either way, buckle up because things might get a little ludicrous. In Wandercast Episode 2 we’re going to explore how everyday environments can become our adventure playgrounds. Just like the project as a whole, this is about unearthing some play in the everyday by looking with new eyes (and a cheeky grin) around places that we often might take for granted.


N.B.  Please download this podcast onto a mobile device and listen to it whilst wandering – it’s the only way 🙂

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Don’t be scared; we’re not going to start doing death-defying Parkour, and you’re free to do as much or as little as you like. Even just thinking about the kinds of things I talk about as we go should be interesting. (He says hopefully.)


This is the philosophy of parkour, but without the extreme physical exertion.  It’s where parkour meets going for a stroll; we’re going to seek out opportunities for a little playful action the way that parkour people seek out opportunities to put a sweet run together.  I call it Parkour Vision.


You’ll often hear the click of an old-school tape machine, which is the sign that we are teleporting from one recording location to another. When you hear me say “Wandercast!” in an echo-ey kind of way, that means we’re moving on to another Adventure Tactic, so you might want to pause me at that point if you want to carry on playing around with the previous tactic for a bit longer.


If you don’t want to do any of the tactics as they come up then just have a think about why you’re choosing not to at that moment. (Hey, you can always try them out later.) Most importantly, look around the environment you’re in and see where you could do them. This is (almost) as much about seeing the potential for playful interactions as it is about actually enacting them. Of course, I think it’s best to actually do stuff, but it’s totally up to you. It’s your show!


So put on a pair of comfy shoes, open the door, open your mind, and take the second step on the path to playfulness.

(I know it sounds obvious, but do please take this Wandercast for a wander; it only really works if you interact with it on foot.

And please, please, please let me know how it goes by filling in the feedback!)

Be on the lookout for detail and remember:

You are the architect of your own playfulness!


Wandercast Ep.2 Feedback Questionnaire – Please Fill Me In 🙂