Wandercast Ep.3 Feedback Questionnaire – Please Fill Me In 🙂


Ever wondered what goes on inside David Attenborough’s head?


Now you can find out!  Join me as we clamber inside the cranium of a natural naturalist national treasure and journey through his incredible Imaginarium whilst reimagining our own surroundings.


N.B.  Please download this podcast onto a mobile device and listen to it whilst wandering – it’s the only way 🙂

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Let’s do this.  Put on a pair of comfy shoes, open the door, open your mind, and take the third step on the path to playfulness (steps 1 & 2 also available).

(I know it sounds obvious, but do please take this Wandercast for a wander; it only really works if you interact with it on foot.

And please, please, please let me know how it goes by filling in the feedback!)

Be on the lookout for detail and remember:

You are the architect of your own playfulness!


Wandercast Ep.3 Feedback Questionnaire – Please Fill Me In 🙂


This podcast makes extensive use of a common capacity to create imagery ‘in your mind’s eye’. However, not everyone has this capacity.  If you find it difficult to imagine things visually, you might want to click here for more information.



I would like to register my thanks (in no particular order) to the following people who made their audio samples free to access on the internet – I couldn’t have made this without you:

Ian C Todd

Peter Toll

Phil Riddett

Malex Media

Orbital Chiller

Psyche Sound Studios

Darcy Dunes (Darcy Roth)

Nikhill Kumar



Felix Blume