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Perplexpedition is perplexing and it’s an expedition.

I go out and about and invite people to join me in doing playful (ludicrous) things like jumping over stuff, lying down and looking up, or running after brightly coloured bouncy balls.  The latest development in Perplexpedition technology is The Ludic Menu, which offers a smorgasbord of delectable ludicrous activities.  Which dish will you choose?

The response I’ve had so far has been great; everyone goes away smiling and takes a little morsel of ludicrousness with them.  The twin mottos of the project are #beagoodsport and #justplayalong and you’ll feel better for it.

Have you ever done anything playful, just for the fun of it, or have you got an idea of something ludicrous I could do?  I’d love to hear about it.  Here’s how: like me on  Facebook and post to the page, follow me on Twitter and tweet me, or email me (

If you have photos or videos to share that would be incredible 🙂

Give a little bit of ludicrousness and I promise I’ll #justplayalong!

Important: the ludicrous shenanigans you send me may feed into my performance research so be sure to read the official stuff in the Participant Information section.