Hi, I’m LudicrousPilgrim and I feel we could get more from our everyday environments.

I know that there are opportunities to be a bit playful a bit more often and I’m making a series of performances (in the loosest sense of the word) to seek them out.

Do you fancy getting involved?

Then you’re in the right place!

Have no fear; it doesn’t need to make sense…

A place doesn’t need a see-saw to be a play-area…

#justplayalong !


In the top-right corner you will see three links.  These are the three types of performance I am creating.

Have a little explore about!

Also check out my Facebook and Twitter, where you can let me know about any al fresco ludicrousness you get up to.

Please send me pics and vids of your playful shenanigans.

Do be aware that they may feed into my performance research so be sure to read the info in the Participant Information section.